We’re all golden sunflowers inside

Hi everyone!

Aurora is back at nursery now! It is not a stretch to say that this goes up there in one of the best moments of my life.

I dropped her off for her first day back and it was this mutual, “okay, see you later, bye!” moment.

I literally ran away from her and she ran away from me, it was actually rather comical. Bless her though she hasn’t been to nursery or seen her friends or even really socialised outside of our little family since the middle of February. That is a long time to not have more than an hour away from your child, and I think it is fair to say she was also getting sick of me too!

We did, however have our fair share of good times during lock down/ the longest summer holiday ever recorded!

I will also say home schooling is proper fun! I mean obviously she is pre-school, so I just taught her the alphabet, did some letter sounds with her and taught her words that begin with certain letters. So, I mean that was the extent of my home-schooling of Aurora, but we also did some baking and she helped me decorate the bathroom and kitchen, even helped me paint furniture! I mean that for sure lasted about a week!

When she went back, her teachers were so happy to see her and all I could say was, “you have no idea how happy I am to see you, now I am off, I’ll be seeing you!”

Finally, a few hours to myself, what did I decide to do with this time, I hear you ask. Well, I ran and then did a food shop! That my friends was the exciting afternoon I had planned for myself! You know what though it was so nice to go round a supermarket and not have Rory in my ear asking for everything in the shop!

It is just the little things when you’re a parent!

Tom and I took Rory to Cotswold Farm Park, I have to say it has to be one of my favourite places to visit. They have the most adorable calves. Baby fluffy cows. I can remember when I used to live in Wiltshire, to get back home, we used to drive passed a field, I mean we drove passed many, many fields! However, in this particular field there were these fluffy cows and just seeing them cheered me up! So, seeing these fluffy cows at the farm park was proper nostalgic, they were so bloody cute!

Aurora was loving life on the bouncy pillow and was on it for a solid hour! I was super prepared and took a picnic and honestly it was just such a lovely day!

The sunflower field is back too! Oh, my goodness me, it is so beautiful! Literally the biggest field of sunflowers I have ever seen, I literally turned into a photographer!

My obsession with sunflowers is a new thing, I honestly couldn’t tell you why they became a thing for me this year, but I just look at them and they make me so happy so I mean that’s a good thing! No one likes to be unhappy! Anyway, back to the sunflower field, Rory wouldn’t pose for me, so I got some cute pictures of myself and Thomas and some scenery pictures! Tell you what though, I even shocked myself like some of them are just sublime! Even if I do say so myself!

Please see the results below!

We also took a trip up north; this was eventful for a number of reasons:

Number one: We saw Jai Jai and the family! Legit been so insanely long since I had seen them, and it was just lovely! Thank you so much to Jess and Chloe for having Rory on the Sunday morning and taking her to the beach too, I was in no fit state to be a parent!

Number two: I had the most awful hangover ever.

So, I properly rub it in everyone’s faces that I don’t get hangovers, I just get tired and/or thirsty. Oh no darlings, not that time. I felt absolutely terrible. Like throwing up NOTHING in the morning terrible. It was honestly horrific. Thank goodness for Tom literally force feeding me water, and Aurora for the cuddles and for “kissing me better”.

Why we do that to kids I don’t know, because it literally makes nothing better whatsoever, but it is lovely to know my child loves me!

So, I would just like to apologise to those of you that I told to “man up” or to “get over it” because I can now well and truly sympathise with you.

Like I was not okay.

The thought of myself that weekend just takes me right back to where I was, in fact I need some paracetamol I feel a headache coming on!

Did the whole, I am never going to drink again thing, but we are all going to my mothers this weekend so odds are, we will be drinking again!

However, I will never be mixing my drinks again!

Maybe this is just a sign that I am getting old. What a sad, sad time!

Aurora has been absolutely hilarious recently, so I asked her what her name was, and she replied with “Rory.” Then I asked her what her other name was to see if she understood the fact that he does indeed have two names, (Aurora and Rory).

To which she replied,


In that moment I realised not only do I call her “child” far too often, but now she thinks that is her actual name…. like, I just have no words!

However, I can’t actually think of a time where I have called her “child” well, not to her face anyway! Kid, I call her all the time but not child! It was just all very strange and insanely hilarious!

Anyway, on that note, I am off to Taunton to go Pokémon hunting with Horace, after a wonderful lunch date with my boyfriend! Still can’t get used to saying that word!

My life at the moment is like the living version of the Taylor Swift Lover album and honestly, I am living for it! It’s such an amazing feeling and one that I never thought I would ever feel.

I mean, the butterflies, my goodness! Thomas has done the unthinkable and helped me to feel again!

Hope you have a lovely weekend everyone!

Many thanks, sincerely!

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