I am so proud to be your Mummy

Hi everyone,

It is official Aurora is growing up. Far too fast, to be honest. I guess that’s the funny thing about time, it just keeps going on. Regardless of how nicely I ask it to slow down.

She is a big girl now, graduated from nursery and has been to her new school to meet her teachers. I was, what I like to call, emotional! I mean, Thomas would tell you that, that is the understatement of the year! Okay, I cried, full-on sobbed for around a week! I just had this realisation that she is going to grow up. That’s it! Just that she is going to grow up! Aurora isn’t going to be four forever and that honestly scares the hell out of me.

She will probably be taller than me, she will for sure be smarter than me, she will basically be me, but better. She will be a better me.

With the calm influence of Thomas and the addition of chill positive vibes, and that is what we love. To be honest I could do with some calm, positive vibes from Thomas! I have had no chill, just pure chaos!

Aurora is just perfect. Not to give her a big head or anything, and there is a fair amount of motherhood bias going on there, but to me, she is perfect. She has the most amazing temperament. She is kind and caring, brave and smart. Although if I were writing this a couple of weeks ago, I would not be saying that at all, she like any child of four years old really does have her moments where you just think to yourself, what the actual F*** am I doing with my life?!?

But if I am being honest, we really did get very lucky with her! I mean mother nature really did us a solid.

Aurora, if you ever read this my darling. Mummy and Daddy are so incredibly proud of the little person you have become, you are kind and generous, you can stick up for yourself while also being the most sensitive and loving child we know. You really are a credit to both of us. I know you are sad about leaving nursery and nervous about making new friends in a new environment, but trust us when we say, you are so ready for school, and we promise you that you will settle in and make all the friends and get all the A+’s you would like. Just as long as you try your best and have fun as you go, you will succeed. This will be an amazing new chapter in the fantastic life you are sure to live.

We love you little one.

Never forget that.

In other news, I got the electrician out the other day because I was convinced that my extractor fan in my kitchen wasn’t working, it is the same as the one in the bathroom and that one is so loud, but the one in the kitchen I have never heard. So decided after four years of being here that I should do something about it. Very proactive Megan. Anyway, rush back from school to get back home in time for the electrician to come and do his thing. Turns out, it has been working the whole time, so the good news was that it was a quick visit. the embarrassing news was that there is a switch that I never knew existed and it had basically just been turned off this whole time.

Yay for me, I may be dying my hair brown but as it turns out, I am just a blonde in disguise. What was I saying earlier about Rory being smarter than me?!

Anyway, another school year goes by, another summer holiday to tackle, hopefully, this time without the heavy COVID restrictions. I couldn’t be prouder of Aurora, and I cannot wait to see us all grow together over the summer!

Until next time,

Many thanks, sincerely

P.S. Please stay safe.

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