There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy

Hi everyone!

Been a hot minute, my apologies. Just been chilling, to be honest, been busy with uni and family, and honestly just a lot of walking and running, I have weirdly taken to running on the spot in my bedroom while watching an episode of whatever show I am binging at the time. Horatio has turned 14, Harry has turned 21, Thomas had his birthday, Aurora is about to turn 4. I mean what is going on? Also, why are everyone's birthdays within a few months of each other and mine is at the other end of the year!

I honestly can’t believe she is about to turn four, legit blows my mind. Like how on Earth has she gone from being that tiny little baby to a grown-up. Like I swear she thinks she is 16. Plus, the little monkey has been asking us for an Ariel (Little Mermaid) theme for about six months now. So about two weeks ago I said to her, are you 100% sure that you would like an Ariel birthday cake. Her response was yes of course Mummy, so imagine my surprise when she turns to me on the 1st of April and says she would like a Pikachu birthday cake now because, and I quote, “Pikachu is my favorite, I don’t like Ariel.”

Safe to say I walked out of the room.

I then composed myself, you know, I don’t want to shout at her because she has made this stupid decision.

So, we have a very calm and collected conversation about how Mummy has got everything for an Ariel birthday cake, and it wouldn’t be nice for her to change her mind at the last minute.

She understood (after about an hour) and now we are back onto Ariel because honestly, my cake idea is so bloody good, I would have been so upset if I had to change it! I am basically going to make a three-tiered cake and shove an Ariel mermaid doll in the centre, and then create a dress out of the cake around it. Then as she stuffs her face the Ariel doll will be exposed, and she will have a mermaid Ariel doll to play with.

This is the plan, an extremely ambitious plan I would say but with no plan B this has to work out, therefore it will! Obviously, I am not going to tell her about this cake but that is why it is so important she does not change her mind about the bloody cake now!

Made Thomas a birthday cake too, three–tiered lemon cake. Honestly, I can’t begin to tell you how proud of that cake I was. The mere fact it stayed upright was a win in my opinion! Aurora designed it, she was so proud of herself! The colours the theme's everything!

Speaking of Thomas, he and Aurora are thick as thieves. Literally, they are so close it is so wonderful. I am smiling just thinking about it! It is crazy really to think how much one person can change your life and have such an immense impact. This family situation with Mummy, Daddy, and Aurora is something I never thought I would have. I just got it in my head that it would be me and Rory forever. So, imagine my surprise when the love of my life came and shook things up for us, in the best possible way. I am so incredibly lucky to have someone as fantastic as Thomas but more than that, Aurora is too. He is such an amazing influence on her, in the most amazing way.

Anyway, enough soppiness Megan.

We get it, you’re happy.

*Eye roll*.

What else has been happening? We can finally see our families again, in the garden, so thank you Mr. Sun for coming out! We are taking Aurora down to see Untle Horace for Easter because when Untle Horace is around no one else matters. Had to make a special call to the Easter Bunny to see if he can come and do an Easter Egg hunt at KJ and Steve’s house early this year. Honestly, it is amazing how accommodating these holiday figures are. To be honest, though I am super excited to see them all again, it has been far too long, and we better get down there before all these people going to parks/beaches and having no respect for social distancing put us all back in lockdown.

Stay safe everyone!

Many thanks, sincerely

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