Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored

Hey everyone,

Lockdown... such fun.

I just have one question..

WhAt ThE fUcK iS gOiNg On?!

Day 59034 in lockdown:

- I have done the dishwasher about 5 million times.

- The devil child is potty trained - daytime potty trained, not night time - don't push me!

- I have run a total of 98.2km this month.

- I have lost a total of 6kg in the last week.

- I have been bitch slapped by the devil child - so obviously I slapped her back.

- Aurora - devil child. Seems to think she is living in a some sort of musical because she sings everything. She sings about going to the restroom, to what she's going to get from the refrigerator.

- The devil child has acquired a hybrid American and English accent.

Right, I am going to rant, and not about the kid - makes a change right!? She has taken up enough of my time.

This time I am going to rant about the Open University.

So, it is an online course, no human contact whatsoever. I am doing two modules - lets call them psychology and teaching. The final assignments for both modules have been cancelled. Now, the final assignments are worth 50% of the final grade for the module. So the teaching module, the final assignment originally said that we had to interview a teaching professional, now obviously with schools closing and social distancing coming into effect this would not be happening. So they changed the final assignment criteria so that we wouldn't have to do the interview.

Anyway, that was cool, I had started preparing my final assignment, all positive like yes I have got this. Then a couple of weeks later they say that both of my final assignments have been cancelled. So I am like - you have to be kidding me - I am not amused. So I email my tutors. Now I love a good strong worded email. I wasn't rude or anything, I do understand that with the coronavirus there will be students and tutors with extenuating circumstances but I just didn't understand why the final assignments had been cancelled when it is essentially an online course and we had one tutorial coming up that could be done through the computer. The psychology assignment was just a 3000 word essay covering the material from the whole year. The teaching assignment had already been altered to fit with the Government guidelines. So I was just a little confused.

My tutors basically just said they'd been cancelled and that was that.

So I emailed student services.

Basically what came of that correspondence is without my EMA submission for the psychology module I have no chance of improving my grade and so I am going to have to defer this module and start it again in October, then do my final module the year after that and then do my PGCE year.

The good news is that the teaching module I should - fingers crossed - pass with a decent grade so I won't have to redo that module.

So that is just fantastic.

I am thrilled that I have yet another year to add to my studies.

In other news.

There is no other news.

It was Aurora's birthday and she had a lovely day I made cupcakes and a rainbow cake for her. She loved it, we had sparklers, she got a tricycle and she went in the hot tub with uncle Horatio - and Bentley! Although since her birthday she has become little miss independent. Like even more so, it is quite something - the attitude on that girl, I mean she has honestly just become a tantrumming (not a word but I think it works!), selfish kid in the last few days. Her way or no way.

It has become a little ridiculous to be honest.

But here we are.

Positive energy please!

One more thing...

TikTok - what an app.

I am obsessed.

Think I am going to need addiction counselling when all this is over.

CAROL BASKIN - Like I just can't stop, its continuous - PLEASE SEND HELP.

Many thanks, sincerely

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