Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Hi everyone,

So we were in A&E again, should get a membership or something for that place. Anyway, for a change, we were there for myself, not for Aurora, which is probably a good thing! Turns out I am a real runner now, with a real runner injury. I had shin splints, and boy did they hurt! I mean what probably didn't help is the 16KM of walking I did that day! But I actually listened to the doctor this time and I have rested and I will be running again next week. Honestly, it is just one thing after another, next thing will be the bloody coronavirus. Which is already scuppering (what a word) my plans to go and see family next month with the travel ban from the UK to the US - however, I am not losing all hope. Positive Vibes 2020 is still going strong my friends!

Although, I had to go to four different shops to get Aurora's nappies and even then I couldn't find any pull ups so she is now in her night time nappies. So if anyone in Cheltenham sees size 6+ pull ups anywhere - please can you let me know!

So, she shat on my floor.... however, I actually I can’t fault her! She got a wipe and started cleaning her back, came to tell me that she was cleaning the chocolate off her back... and then continued to tell me that it was on the floor and she was really sorry for making a mess! Broke my ice cold heart that did!

I gave her a bath... obviously! Then blow dried her hair and it’s so long! I only ever see it as this curly mess! But it is so long!!!!! I mean it goes frizzy twenty seconds after blow drying it! But while it’s not frizzy, it’s so lovely!!! Don't get me wrong I love her hair normally and it’s beautiful, hard to manage... but beautiful. It is just so sweet to see her hair in a different way!

Okay so it wasn’t just the blow dry, she has loved her hair up, and I often have my hair in a French plait, more often than I thought apparently!! Anyway she asked for her hair like mummy’s and I said “oh sweetie I can’t straighten your hair! You’re too little!” she said “no like Rapunzel mummy!“

So obviously then I knew what she meant!

She even wore it like that to nursery the next day and was showing everyone her hair band and her clip! It was very, very cute.

We had Kenny the Kangaroo come to stay last weekend. Kenny is a kangaroo, that comes home with a different child from nursery every weekend. The idea is the children do things with this toy and the parents take pictures and write about the weekend. Basically it is homework for the parents. However, as I - 1. Have no life, and 2. was such a goody - goody at school, and I am not even ashamed of it, I kind of loved this project!

Speaking of nursery I had her parent - teacher consultation, apparently she is very clever and popular with her classmates, she has lots of friends and is a very happy child. So, apparently it's just me that gets little miss sassy pants!

We also went back to Cotswold Farm Park! I am aware that I am taking procrastination to a whole new level! It was lovely though, we went in Teddie's orange car, had the roof down on the way there, and the way back, my hair did not appreciate that, but my child did so you win some you lose some! Hands down the best part was the fluffy chickens, I am obsessed, even had a dream about them and everything! Rory had a lovely time, she made some friends, tell you what though, I wish it was as easy for me to make friends as it is for two-year-olds because she made three best friends on that afternoon! Luckily we had lovely weather, she went on everything, held a rabbit, bounced on the big bouncy pillow, which by the way is fantastic! We had an amazing time, as we always do.

Okay, I am done with the procrastinating now, see you all in a week!

Many thanks, sincerely

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