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She was made of sunlight

Hi everyone!!

Hope lockdown is treating you well.

Mine has been full on!

I have got some proper cute canvasses for both my kitchen and my bathroom so now it actually looks like an adult actually lives in my flat, not just a toddler. A child who, by the way has just upped the sass level by 1000%. She is very much now her own person and knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it, and she wants everything right that second. I mean bless her she must be so bored at the moment; I know I am! I basically got her some ice lollies, a multi pack of twelve. We got home, I allowed her to have one, the next thing I know, before the end of the day... they were all gone! I literally said she could have one, just the one. So, I mean, that just goes to show how bored she is, because she is literally sneaking around the house with these lollies!

I have also been doing some home schooling! Actually, loving it, we found some tadpoles in the park nearby, so I started to teach her about how tadpoles grow into frogs and we literally went to see them almost every day. Then one day we caught a couple and Aurora could see that they were growing their legs, so I would ask her what happens next and she would tell me they are going to lose their tails, it is ridiculously cute. Oh, and then after they lose their tales and grow their legs they say ribbit!

Got to say though Aurora is a bloody impressive walker, I mean obviously we have to walk everywhere, but she is walking anywhere between 3 and 5K a day. Funniest thing though on, a couple of our walks towards the end, she has been really tired, especially when we go later in the afternoon, so at the end of one of our walks I noticed that she had gone really quiet (she usually sings the whole time!), she was legit asleep and walking at the same time! So much better than her taking a nap! I really do feel like I have this whole parenting down, walking around with a literally sleep walking child! Anyway, I digress, the tadpoles are now tiny frogs and I am obsessed! They are the cutest things ever!

We are also growing some sunflowers, so basically, I have always been so bad at growing or keeping anything alive, (apart from my daughter apparently). So, I got Aurora a little bucket as a plant pot, she chose it. Then she planted twenty-five sunflower seeds. Now, me being me, I was like well if one comes up then well done me, but no, I am so sure that all of them are now coming through and Aurora is so proud of herself that I don't want to break it to her that some of them are going to have to be removed because it is not a big enough pot for 25 sunflowers! However, we shall cross that bridge when we get to it and I mean the point only stands if she does not drown them beforehand!

Rory has been painting. I am not okay with this. Basically, she got bought a massive art set, like a full-on set with oil pastels, paints, crayons, and markers. Now, Aurora likes to think that she is in a YouTube video, as the host obviously! So, she is there saying, 'first you take the green marker and draw a circle, then the teal marker and drawer a smiley face, now Peppa it is your turn.' Listening in, it is cute right?! Adorable, little did I know that underneath the mat that she has to use when she is painting there are now multi coloured splodges everywhere and she moves the mat over it, so she does not get in trouble. It is a real face palm moment all round! Bring on nurseries reopening!

Good news though, I bought a dress for America last November and cried because it looked terrible, thank goodness I did not throw it away though because now, it is so comfy!!!!

Stay safe everyone and be kind!

You never know what someone is going through.

Many thanks, sincerely

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