She was born to stand out

Hey everyone,

So, I aced my Uni assignment, go me! Just imagine what I could do if I actually enjoyed doing it and I didn't have a two-year-old kid with me?!

Speaking of which, she has turned really sassy in the last couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong, she has always a fire about her, an attitude, let’s say. However, this last couple of weeks she has taken that attitude to a whole new level. I have to say... I am not a fan! Not only is it borderline rude, but like we will be waiting at nursery to be let in, and I will ask her for her coat and she will full on scream, not just screaming the word "NO!" like, that she does, but she just screams. It isn't like she is getting wound up or anything like that, it is just a scream, and she maintains perfect eye contact with me the whole time. It is almost like she has been possessed. Bloody weird.

Another example.... her and I were walking to Aunty Teddie’s and she decided to walk like the strong independent woman she is, bearing in mind it’s just over a mile! I told her to speed up because she was dawdling, and I don’t do dawdling.... anyway. She turns to me and very seriously says, “No Mummy, and don‘t take to me ever, ever again”!!!!!


Then a couple of evenings ago, I asked her to tidy up. Now. Tidying up has always been a big issue for us, like she just won't do it. Anyway, she has actually gotten better since going to nursery. But the other evening when I asked her to tidy up her toys, she looked at me and with a dead straight face goes, 'Ummm, I don't think so Mummy'.

What are you even supposed to do in that situation because honestly, I was so shocked, I wanted to burst into laughter, but I also wanted to wallop her! So, I went for the middle ground and said, 'excuse me? what did you just say to me?' that seemed to set her straight!

In general, how old are kids usually, before they go for a playdate without parents?! because if one of her friends mums were to ask if Rory could go round and play for a few hours, I would have no issue! Take her away! If it wasn't so bloody expensive to put her into nursery for the afternoon as well, she would be there every day! I would even pay extras for Saturday and Sundays also. Wait... I think that would be a nanny.

So basically, from that last paragraph I have deduced that I need to find myself a rich man, or even just a man that will pay for childcare, I don't need anything else, I mean I am pretty self-sufficient!

Come at me! I mean, I am a catch, I'm hilarious, I can cook, I can be needy, but I am just so loveable you won't even notice, I can bake, like I am good to, even Rory thinks so!

Speaking of which, I feel like that is all we have done this week! I made cheese scones for the first time... it was a flop, like they did not look like scones in the slightest, more like cheesy biscuits actually, but my goodness me they were good! Like there were fantastic, and I know what I did wrong, so when I try them again, they will rise!

So, other than cheese scones, Rory and I made Apple tarts, Rory called them pies, she woke up and said, 'Morning Mummy, I want to make pies for days, for days, for days, all day today'. Honestly, I think there were a few more 'for days' in there! But you get the idea. We then made shortbread cookies the next day. That is hard work, I did not need to work out my arms that day, WOW! They were delicious, Aurora did fantastic job icing them, but I had to set one aside for me to do because my control issues and need for everything to be neat took over!

When we walk to nursery we have started having proper conversations with each other, and honestly, it just breaks me! The other morning she asked me what important work I do when she is at school, I told her that I was training to become a teacher so I could help children to learn. Aurora says, 'Oh, that's interesting, I think I want to be a teacher so I can tell children what to do!' Then she continues to say, actually I think I want to be a nurse, but I don't want to make people better, I want to make animal s better like Peppa and Georgie Pig and horses and unicorns.'

That was a very well constructed sentence for a two-year-old and it actually made total sense! Bless her, for all the sass that child gives me it is moments like that that bring a tear to my eye!

In other news, I get something called an 'exercise headache'!!! HAHAHAHA I mean this is a self-diagnosis, but I get headache probably after 80% of my runs and they last for days. So, I went to the doctor and he told me to have a blood test. I have done and I am awaiting the results, so we shall see. I mean I'm sure that it is just due to my migraines and the fact that it has been so cold recently, I also have a tendency to forget to stretch after a well which is probably why my calf is so sore! We live and we learn!

By the way, I am more than happy to give you the recipe for the cheesy biscuitey sconey things, they really are delicious. They work well as a sandwich thin for a child's lunch?! Just a thought!

Many thanks sincerely!

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