Parenting Hack: There are no hacks, everything is hard!

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all keeping safe and positive amidst lockdown 2.0!

Legit had a really stressful week last week! Got told that Aurora was isolating herself at nursery and then they told me that she told the staff that she wanted to run away from home. So, I mean that was fabulous! Got myself really worked up about that, and then we were having family dinner and Aurora decided to tell me that she loved to see me upset and she loved to see me cry. So, I mean, safe to see I have not had a great week.

It really was traumatic, like I legit turned into a psycho. Bless Thomas, surprised he didn’t run for the hills to be honest. But no, instead he was very supportive and told me that this was just a phase for Rory, like she is three, she is going to be naughty sometimes, no matter how lovely a child is there will always be moments where they are quite frankly, little sh*ts.

So, I had her parent teacher conference over the phone because you know, COVID. Turns out she has two best friends and sometimes three can be a crowd and the whole isolation thing wasn’t really a thing at all. The attitude is still there but I am going to get some age appropriate books about emotions and I am in the process of creating a behavioural sticker chart, which I am hoping will reinforce some positive behaviours and then eventually eliminate the bad and negative ones. I mean if we are being totally honest, I really am due some bad behaviour from her because quite frankly she is so lovely, super intelligent and amazingly kind. So as Thomas has said, let’s just hope this phase passes quickly!

I also got Aurora’s school admissions letter through last week, and I mean that’s a really scary concept for me to grasp! However, if there is one thing I have learnt about this whole process it’s that research is key, I had a certain view of some schools around me and honestly reading the OFSTED reports and looking at the school policies has really enlightened me! So fingers crossed she gets into one of the top preferences I have put down for her because she is so intelligent and although I have no doubt that wherever she goes she will thrive, I would really like to give her the best advantage I can!

Oh, my goodness, in other news, last week I got a present.

So back story. Aurora, Thomas and I went to the Cotswold Farm Park just after lockdown 1.0 was lifted and we saw the most beautiful fluffy cows, I am told they are called highland cows, but they are essentially brown fluffy cows. Therefore, fluffy cows.

I am obsessed. Like I love them, I can’t even explain how much I feel for these cows.

Turns out that my Nana used to drive me round near where we lived in Wiltshire, when I was little and there was a field of fluffy cows, and we used to just drive around and around looking at this field full of them. So just being told we used to do that, just makes me love them even more!

So Thomas, bless him, because I was a psycho maniac last week, got me a framed painting of a fluffy cow and a fluffy cow pillow, the picture I have named Benjamin, do not ask me why because honestly I just looked at it and was like yep, you’re a Benjamin, not Ben, Benjamin! The pillow I have named Gregory. Again, not sure why, he just looks like a Gregory!

They are just so cute!

I love them so much!!

Another thing that happened last week that honestly was just both the funniest and mortifying thing was that Aurora was singing the little piggy song, you know, the one that goes,

This little piggy went to market,

This little piggy stayed at home,

This little piggy had roast beef.

This little piggy had none,

And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Well this was indeed the song, but instead of saying this little piggy had roast beef, she said this little piggy had rosé! It really was a face palm moment but incredibly funny! I mean to be honest I think she was trying to say roast beef but it was definitely rosé that she said!

As you know, I like to find new projects! So I decided to paint my room and furniture again! I did them all purple and grey last year with the purple on the wall being a strip at the top of the wall. Well, now that strip is black! I have also redone my desk, chest of drawers and my bedside table black and grey and truthfully, I am obsessed!

We also took a trip to IKEA and got a wardrobe too! Thomas and I put that up like absolute pro’s, I mean to be honest IKEA should hire us as a duo to just go round putting up wardrobes for people because we only messed up once. To put that into perspective, everything else I have ever put together I got to the end and the realised it was wrong! IKEA if you are reading this, I am available immediately!

Thomas, Rory and I took a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum last weekend! Honestly it was so wonderful, has to be my most favourite place. As we were in the area I took the opportunity to show Tom and Rory where I went to secondary school!

Shout out to Westy!

It hasn't changed, like at all, I think the only thing that looked different was the fact there were rugby and football posts up on the field, obviously due to the fact that it has become mixed since I left in 2010! Quote of the day from Thomas was, "Jesus Megan, you didn't tell me you went to Downton Abbey for school."

Well yes sir, yes I did.

Aurora fell asleep, so she was clearly really interested in my past! It was such a wonderful trip though, a great throwback and honestly the colours of the trees and just the peacefulness of the Arboretum is just so calming, like my new-found obsession with acoustic covers of pop songs! Creates real chill vibes, which is exactly what I need in my life!

Safe to say the first week of lockdown 2.0 has had some ups and downs, but it is my birthday next weekend and hopefully we will not have a repeat of last week! Psycho Megan really does not need to make a come-back, she can stay firmly locked away!

Many thanks, sincerely

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