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Hi everyone!

Been a while, thing's have been full on over here!

We sorted out Aurora's behaviour issues with a sticker chart and a thinking spot. I mean who even knew?! The thinking spot was genius, she just sits on this rug and thinks about her behaviour then comes to apologise when she is ready and has stopped crying. Honestly, it has worked a treat, she is delightful! Would recommend without hesitation and the star chart too, I was dubious at first and didn't think it would work quickly, but there was a noticeable change within the first week! I mean, we still have a few tantrums here and there but, she is three, I would be more worried if she had no tantrums! Also, she isn't a bad kid, she is actually very well behaved in general! So, that is some good news, not that I have any bad news to be honest, I am well and truly living my best life!

Rory had a fancy dress party at nursery for Children In Need and she wanted to be a butterfly fairy princess, so a butterfly fairy princess she was. I got her some kids makeup, and we drew butterflies on her face and I even found some fairy wings that she decorated herself with glitter glue. I mean I wanted all the Mum points for that costume! She loved the costume so much, she said that she felt like a princess, and that was my aim! It was wonderful!

I had my birthday a few weeks ago, I am now the ripe old age of twenty-seven! Such fun. I had such a lovely day, and I didn’t make my own birthday cake for the first time in years! So, thank you Thomas! Even if he did spend the whole weekend in bed because he was ill! Typical!

I was truly spoilt and legit had such a lovely day, spending it with my family!

So those of you that know me, know that I am not a massive fan of makeup, like I just don’t have the energy to put a face on everyday to be honest! So, I looked into skincare, and although I have never had awful skin, I was prone to redness and the odd breakout! So, I did research and invested in some new cleanser and moisturiser and low and behold my skin is INSANE, like so soft, it is honestly like Aurora’s. As it turns out soap and water isn’t enough, and it is so worth researching and investing in!

You know what else is an investment, children. More specifically Aurora. She is expensive! I know children grow right, I am not so silly to think that she was going to stay small and adorable forever. However, I did not think she would need a new wardrobe of clothes every other month. So please see below her new clothes, ranging from the sizes of age 6 to 9! That is right, she got the height gene. I mean it's hardly a surprise with me being as tall as I am. Not only that but she also loves Hamilton, the musical and full on sings the opening number and every time it just makes me smile! We are all well and truly obsessed with Hamilton to be honest, it is not an exaggeration to say that, that film is on repeat more often than it probably should be!

We are also getting everything ready for Christmas, like where has this year gone! As if it is nearly time to do a yearly round up again! Madness! So, Thomas and I took Aurora to Smyth's Toys so she could see what she would like Santa to get her this year, so I told her it was like a museum so she could look at the toys but not touch or take anything home, worked a treat!

She was ridiculously cute!

I mean totally obsessed with Pokémon. I play Pokémon GO (obviously) and you know what, so is Thomas, not that he would be happy with me telling you all, but YOLO!! (Is YOLO even a thing anymore? Don’t think I have heard it for a while, but it fits with this, so YOLO!!) Anyway, back to Santa! Aurora will be extremely happy with everything (hopefully!); we even took pictures of everything, so Santa gets all the correct things!

Well done us!

So she sent the letter to Santa, I can only hope he gets it on time!

Obviously due to COVID we will not be celebrating Christmas in Florida this year, which was a let-down, to say the least. Fingers crossed we will be able to get out there next year! However, it isn’t all bad, it will be mine and Rory’s first Christmas with Tom, who she calls “my Tom”! Super cute, my heart is a melted puddle! So instead, we will be spending it together and with Tom’s family too so that will be so lovely! I am super excited about our first Christmas as a family!

The first of many, many, many more!

OH! MY GOODNESS! Aurora has started writing and it is just the cutest thing ever! She can spell and write Tom without any help and she can write Mummy too! She was writing her Christmas letter to Santa and it was a bunch of lines and o’s looks like this 'IOIOIOIOIOIOIO' and it is cute, she thinks she is writing something! When she started writing actual letters and names it was just so fantastic, and it was readable too! Better than her Uncle's writing to be honest! So, Thomas and I are super proud of her! Can’t quite believe how fast she is growing up! I remember when I used to say I could deal with a baby, but I never wanted a three-year-old, well now she can stay as three but if she could not become a teen that would be great!

That's all for now, I'll be doing my 2020 yearly roundup in a couple of weeks!

Until then it is Christmas movies and mulled wine.

Stay safe and stay festive!

Many thanks, sincerely

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