I wish I was as thin as my patience

Hey everyone!

Do you ever have conversations with yourself and you just think, shut up Megan (obviously you wouldn't be thinking Megan - but that would be pretty cool!) At the moment I feel like all I keep saying is,

"I am so tired",

"Ugh I'm shattered."

I mean, I am, I am so tired, all the time.

But Megan honestly get over it and shut up!

A lot has happened.

Jokes, it is lock down, NOTHING has happened!

Although, my neighbours' must hate me. I have found all the songs I grew up with – you know, all those years ago! *eye roll*

First off is Boulevard of Broken Dreams – classic Green Day!

Then we have – Weather with you – Crowded House

Anything from High School Musical – one, two or three – not the Gabriella solos though, she is the most annoying person in the franchise.

Bit of Foundations by Kate Nash – always a tune

Of course, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

And finally, we have Four Minute Warning – Mark Owen

I would say this is a very deep insight into my life, my sad, sad life!

I mean there are a lot more – Shake it off, for example, by Taylor Swift – literal anthem for my life!

Four Minute Warning though, honestly I cannot get enough of and I am one of these annoying people that can play songs on repeat for hours, so I am so sorry to my neighbours', I mean they are getting a free concert which quite frankly I should be charging for. Although I have to say, my ability to sing songs word for word that I haven’t heard for years is unbelievable. I really do surprise myself sometimes!

I have made a decision also – well done me.

I have decided to learn French.

Let me explain, so for GCSE I did Spanish, a decision I regretted greatly as I made this decision based purely on the teacher and not my actual ability. Although, I was only marginally better at French in Year 9, like it wasn’t like there was a massive difference! Anyway, I digress, I basically have no Uni until October and there are only so many movies one can watch. So, I have decided to be productive. Got the books and everything!

I will keep you updated as I can just tell you are on the edge of your seats waiting to hear how I get on!

Speaking of movie marathons, I did the marvel marathon in chronological order, a total of twenty-four movies, now I did exclude a couple due to having seen them recently, but in all I watched eighteen movies in five days.

So sad, I know!

I fell in love with a total of about fifteen different characters and I want a pet raccoon and tree, so you know, thank you Marvel for setting unrealistic expectations for both my love life and future pets.

Starting on a Ewan McGregor marathon next.

He is, in my opinion, an incredible human being. Aside from the lack of height, he is simply perfect. Moulin Rouge is first on the list. All-time favourite movie never fails to make me laugh or cry, sometimes both at the same time, plus it is a cracking sing-along. Next will be Down With Love, now I am not expecting many of you to have seen this film. But please, go and watch it!! Down With Love has Ewan and Renee Zellweger in it as the leads, but the cast is amazing, it is set in the sixties and is just so cheesy you’ll be like what in the actual world am I watching!

I swear to you though, it is SO worth it!

So, I have been doing my best to keep Rory busy. This week we painted some rocks. This project actually started out really nicely!

She was painting the rocks, I was painting the rocks then all of a sudden she just started flinging her paint brush around, so I asked her not to do that and to stay on the mat and paint the rocks.

She continued to fling the paintbrush. So now I am mad right, like what are you doing child we were having such a lovely time, so I throw the rocks out the window in a rage! - no one was hurt in the making of this outburst! - She has a meltdown, like I am talking throwing herself on the floor and screaming. I sent her to her room and then she came back and apologised to me about twenty minutes later, and then proceeds to throw her toys at the window, at which point she is ushered back to her bedroom. This cycle continues for about four hours.

By this point I have really lost the will to live.

The Formula One doesn’t even interest me by then.

What did I learn?

She can paint at nursery.

Not in my house.

She also, definitely gets her temper from me.

We then had a few days where she was delightful, the odd hiccup, but lovely, nonetheless. So, I decided to take her to B&M and get her the scooter she has been asking me for, for months now!

Oh, my, goodness, her face, she was so excited. I didn’t tell her that, that was what we were getting so when she saw me holding the box, she was so delighted!

Get home.

Takes me a sold two hours to build. Like I needed Horatio with me at that point, the instructions made no sense and there weren’t the helpful little pictures you get with IKEA furniture. Nope, just words. A lot of words. That made absolutely no sense to me!

So, two hours later this scooter is ready. I’m like okay, lets go for a walk, with a scooter we can totally do a solid 5K in decent time.


I could not have been more wrong.

It literally took us 20 minutes, to go 200 meters.

So, I then had to explain that Mummy had to get her steps in for the day and get those active calories burning, so that then bought on yet another hissy fit! Got around that one pretty solidly though.

Thank you, very much animal biscuits.

Bribery is God’s gift to parents!

Anyways! I hope you are all staying safe and attempting to maintain some sort of normality.

Many thanks, sincerely

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