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Dream big little one

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hi everyone,

How's everyone doing?

I'm great, absolutely fabulous.

I've had a weird couple of weeks, as has everyone I am sure but honestly, Aurora has really grown up in the last few weeks and she is very clearly not a baby anymore, not that I think she ever was a real the sense that she has always been very independent. Honestly though, now, she is just in a league of her own. I struggled with self isolation, like I really struggled. It felt as though she had been back at nursery for a week before she was back at home with me. I mean, I don't know about you, but all I wanted to do was eat. Then obviously I was ill so I mean Rory was fending for herself as I physically couldn't move other than to throw up, so that was fabulous. Therefore she ate a lot of crap in those couple of days!

Anyway, that's all over, we shall not dwell on that, but I will just say, make sure you take time to concentrate on your own mental state. Whether you have kids, whether you have help with your kids, or even if you are just on your own. Make sure you take time for yourself so that you, firstly, stay sane, and secondly you don't get lost in your own thoughts, because it is so easy to just spiral. I am unfortunately crap at taking my own advice and ended up crying most days, which is one, not god for me, but also not good for Rory. So I did snap out of it towards the end because I have done the whole spiralling thing and it is not a place I would like to revisit.

Which brings us to today, last weekend my step-dad and I merged the households for the lockdown, now, we all did the fourteen day isolation beforehand and we are all symptom free, thank goodness. But it just made sense, we have Aunty Ted here so Rory is absolutely loving life and for the first couple of days I actually didn't see Aurora - which was fabulous! I tell you what though, human interaction is something that I will never take for granted ever, ever again! So here we are, staying safe, staying inside apart from our daily exercise which currently comprises of walking to the bridge and me hoping and wishing that a train will go underneath us for her to look at! We have been very lucky and even walked over the tracks and then saw another train. So I mean, not like I am setting difficult standards for me to follow or anything!

It is her birthday on Friday. She is going to be three. as if this time three years ago I didn't even know she existed. Now, I have an overly independent three year old thinking I'm a rich best friend. You know what though, it is tough and we have struggled, I mean I struggled with the massive lifestyle change that came with a kid dropping out. But more than that, I have loved it, I love being a Mummy, I love being her Mummy (most of the time)! She is honestly, one of a kind and the most hilarious kid I have ever known. I mean she whinges, and she moans, and she whinges and she moans. But when it comes down to it, she is the most loving, most caring, most kind child and I am so, so proud of everything she has achieved and is yet to achieve in her life. So Happy Birthday my baby. Don't expect too much!

I hope you are all keeping safe and staying home!

Don't go too crazy and I'll be back in a little while!

Many thanks, sincereley

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