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Snap out of it Megan!

Does anyone else get the feeling that you are a totally different person after you do something like, bake a cake or clean your home or move your room around?!

I do... it's no secret that I didn't have the greatest week last week, with this, that and the other but after my first awful hangover yesterday... thank you Tori for your tough love and force feeding me water. I decided this morning... well at around half eleven that I wouldn't throw myself a pity party... I am better than that... when it suits me anyway!

So I got up and put some music on and started cleaning... I love a good clean! What I didn't expect is for Rory to join in and put her toys away and do some dusting!

Honestly, she was loving life, kept coming back to me for more polish, she cleaned my desk, all the windowsills and the skirting boards! Not going to lie to you, it was a proud moment! Whats even better is that now she is napping!!

So anyway, I have cleaned my flat this morning and I decided that what I needed to do to snap out of my foul mood was to rearrange the furniture in my room! OBVIOUSLY! I mean forget retail therapy - although if I had the money I would totally be into retail therapy but you know we have to adapt to survive! So I have rearranged my room - and I am loving it, my bed is now underneath the window so when Aurora comes in, in the morning she can open my curtains for me and blind me! It is perfect! Aww no, actually she's been really cute recently, she has been coming in to wake me up about half past six/ seven ish and coming under the covers with me and gets me to spoon her! Honestly it is THE BEST alarm ever! I mean, that is until she slaps my face and says "Wake up Mummy, wake up!" but I am looking at the positives here.

Right so back to my room, I have actually made it so there is less floor space, which sounds weird and that it should be the opposite, but I live on my own with Aurora and I just felt as though it was so open and I didn't really like it. So I made it all a bit more compact and now I feel as though it is all cosy and cute - you know a lot like me!

I have cleaned my bathroom with my new mint bathroom cleaner - honest to God smells amazing! I am going to change my bedding and give the kitchen a good scrub with the remainder of the day and then when Aurora wakes up we are going to bake a chocolate cake so that she has snacks for the week. Although I realised.. I don't tend to follow recipes, like amounts of stuff to put in, but I follow what to put in.... if that makes sense! So I will make said chocolate cake from a recipe that is actually for brownies but when I bake it, they do NOT taste or look like brownies...

I am not even blaming my shoddy measuring skills either because I got the scales out and everything for the first one I made and even that one didn't look like brownies or taste like brownies!

While we are talking about chocolate and cake... I would recommend to you to make Rocky Road, honestly best thing I have ever made and so easy - I literally just melted a massive bar of chocolate and mixed that with marshmallows and digestives - didn't have anything else in so just went with what we had and mmmmm so, so good!

Anyways, I am off to clean my kitchen, might even clean my fridge too - who knows - anything could happen when I am in this weird mood!

So after re reading this post, I have realised I have given you an insight into my brain and how random I can be! I was going to rearrange the order but thought no - this is written as if I am talking which makes me laugh because I feel as though I am speaking as I am writing this and if you are reading this at one hundred miles and hour - then good for you! That is exactly how it should be read!

Many thanks, sincerely

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