Self-isolation and a two-year-old - opportunity or disaster?

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all keeping safe, mad how quickly this has all escalated to be honest.

So Aurora and I are in 14 day isolation, she got sent home from nursery with a cough, which is actually her asthma cough, but like I get it completely! So I got the call while I was in B&M getting her snacks, thank goodness, so I stocked up on snacks, colouring books and colouring pencils. However, now I am actually ill, I mean like I feel awful and who even knows if it's the Coronavirus, but I feel like crap! So probably not a bad thing that we were told to self-isolate to be honest. Although all you hoarders out there with Paracetamol, I am not amused right now.

My first thoughts when we had to self isolate, honestly, I thought it wouldn’t be so bad as I have no friends who I see anyway! Then about an hour after getting home it dawned on me, I can’t take Aurora ANYWHERE. This was prompted by her want to go to the shop, of course I said no... this resulted in an hours screaming match between us. Then she asked to go to the park, now usually, I am thrilled when she asks to go to the park, it’s free and it’s fresh air, but alas... we couldn’t.

Since those screaming matches, at the moment the score is 3-2 - to Aurora.

Yes, I’m that competitive!

I have spent far too much money on Amazon on things that I so hope are going to keep her occupied, I mean I’ll take an hour to be fair She has some new paint sticks and an A3 colouring book. These paint sticks, are absolutely banging an I would totally recommend them! They are literally just a stick of paint, like a crayon, they dry in 60 seconds and easy to clean off walls, windows and carpet... not that I have had experience with cleaning them off the walls as of yet. But the windows... I did get a nasty surprise! I even got some food gel colouring so we can bake a hella lot! That’s more for me to be honest but she can mix... maybe!

I have a Belle dress up costume for myself that I got for her birthday party next month, that is probably not going to be happening, so we did princess school, she was Aurora (Obviously)! Not going to lie, I had so much fun! It was quite hilarious! I used the chalk board, you know... teacher training and all that, well Aurora is now very good at singing the alphabet song! I also used her blocks to teach her about addition, which turned into play time. You know, you win some you lose some!

I have also moved away from the dread of staying at home with the child 24/7 for 14 days... like it’s a lot okay?! Even for a full time mum - remember I’m a student too and I still have assignments due!! - so anyway, now I am looking at this as an opportunity, the opportunity to get her potty trained, yes... I did do this last summer but she got sick and one thing lead to another anyway, she’s no longer potty trained, so that’s my plan for the next two weeks. Potty training.


Can’t wait.

Best two weeks of my life.

Although, turns out that this time around she is really getting the potty training an I am so, so proud of her! Hasn't quite got the hang of number two's yet, but small victories!

On a serious note though, to those of you out there with friends or family members that are suffering I really hope everything is okay and everyone pulls through safely! We are all in this together! Let's get through it! Look after yourselves, not just physically but mentally also.

Stay safe everyone!

Many thanks, sincerely

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