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Ralph - Megan’s best friend

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

This post is all about my Mummy’s cockerpoo Ralph...

He is the loveliest puppy (not really a puppy any longer) but he doesn’t half yap! I put it down to him being excited, bless him! He’s just amazing. He is a brown cockerpoo, fluffy as anything and so cuddly.

So this weekend, we went to visit Ralph... and Mummy of course 🤷🏼‍♀️. Sure enough as soon as I arrived there he was squeaking and getting overly excited to see me (and Aurora... but mainly me!)

As you have read my post about my “pregnancy” you know the situation.... as it was Aurora’s second birthday a couple of weeks ago I’ve been reminiscing with family and friends about the whole “Aurora situation” and the one thing I can remember about my “pregnancy” was Ralph....

Him and I were best mates... I had moved back home after leaving a long term relationship and he instantly became my shadow, we would do everything together. Honestly it was sickening, we would spoon at night, he would sleep under the duvet with me. I would often wake up and he would have moved his paw over my arm as if he was cuddling me! Pathetic, I know.

I would have been “pregnant” late 2016 and I can remember Ralph wouldn’t let anyone near me and would just follow me everywhere. He was more clingy than usual and would always be really calm and snuggly towards me. I’m convinced he knew about Aurora long before I - or anyone else - did!

When I brought her home for the first time, he was *obviously* excited to see me after me being away for a few days. I was really nervous about Ralph seeing and meeting Aurora because I know that dogs can react differently and strangely around new borns... but he was the perfect gentleman.

They instantly became best friends and whenever I held Aurora, he was never far away... whenever I put her down he would watch her and make sure she was okay. This one time, I was outside with both Ralph and Aurora and I went inside to get some water and I told Ralph to stay with her and honestly, he didn’t move a muscle, my best friend Jai was round and the time and she couldn’t believe the fact he didn’t move from her!

So it was so wonderful to see my Ralphie again this weekend, and for Rory and Ralph to be reunited!

Until next time puppy dog 🐶

Love you lots ❤️

Many thanks, sincerely

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