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Loving yourself is the greatest revolution


I am trying this whole "Eat, Pray, Love" thing. Honestly... it is going well! I have stopped looking at my phone as much and I tell you what, that honestly does wonders. I think being tied to my phone or constantly waiting for it to go off or someone to contact me was actually what was stressing me out and I am not even sure if that makes sense but I can only say I think it is doing wonders for me. I have been more present and not only with and for Aurora but to myself. I have started reading again, so I got Anne Frank's Diary for 99p. Bargain! Nearly halfway through already!

There is something to be said for reading about other people's experiences. I have always been interested in World War Two - and this isn't the first time I have read Anne Frank's Diary but reading it this time around just makes me think about everything so many people went through and the fact that there is always someone having a worse time than you. Not only that, but Anne who is in hiding for most of the book always sees the positives in everything, she writes about, and laughs at the little things, so I have decided to adopt this mindset from her. Those of you that know me, know that I am actually a very positive person but recently due to one thing or another I have been feeling sorry for myself and you know what, it is not a good look on me. I am so grateful for everything I have, from Aurora to my flat, to all my friends and family. So I would like to thank Anne Frank for bringing me back to my reality and making me see what is right in front of me.

So as well as reading, I made a banging Carbonara with chorizo instead of bacon - Aurora's only complaint was that she wanted more chicken and less peppers! But hey, you can't please everyone, and I still made sure she ate every last bit! I actually made the most amazing cheesecake, now this is going to be said a lot right. I don't follow recipes and I don't measure anything! This chocolate cheesecake, I will probably never be able to make again, but I got the base just right, wasn't too crumbly (like usual!) and it wasn't rock hard. The filling was a lovely consistency and not too sweet - I just put dark chocolate in this time whereas usually I do a mix of dark and milk chocolate. I mean to be honest it could have been any number of things, less or more sugar, less or more cocoa powder, less or more cream cheese, honestly your guess is as good as mine! All that matters is it was incredible, and I will probably never experience anything like it again!

In other news I am part way through painting the walls in my room. They are going to be grey with a top banner of purple. I have done the top banner and actually pretty proud of my work! Albeit there are some bits that need doing by the ceiling and some straightening up but for a first attempt it is not bad going! I have also gotten really good at filling holes in my walls - if it weren't for the colour difference between the wall and the filler you wouldn't even be able to tell... Okay maybe you would but let’s just say I am getting better at the whole wall filling thing!

Oh my goodness me, also, Aurora can recognise shapes and colours (kind of)! She has a puzzle board and she names the shape and sometimes the colour of the shape before placing it into the correct position! I was insanely proud of her and it was totally unexpected! She has also had an attitude transplant with a fifteen-year-old. Honestly the sass that girl is throwing about at the moment is UNREAL!! But life goes on and she is amazing even if she can be a little madam and a major flirt by the way! Like y'all thought I was bad! You haven't seen anything yet!

Thanks for reading!

Many thanks, sincerely

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