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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Hi everyone!

Apologies for not posting this past week - not that I'm sure it made a massive impact on you! I just haven't really been feeling it to be honest, but I am back and ready to share the most random stories and posts with you!

I took Rory to a stay and play at nursery last week... she is a bossy madam! Not that I had any doubts, but she just went for it and explored everywhere and was helping other kids get toys and helping them down from steps it was actually very cute and lovely to watch. So hey, I have to be doing something right! Who knew!?

So, today... I went to Harry Potter World! Best experience ever! Well apart from the embarrassment of a tantrumming - if that is even a word! - child. So we went with Horatio and my step dad - luckily my step dad took Aurora because, I would not recommend taking a two-year-old who wants to know everything about everything, touch everything and just be everywhere to HP World! So anyway, I went off with Horatio because that 15 minutes felt like an hour by the time we were allowed out of that room!

Had such a good time with Horace, we saw everything, the Gringotts bank section - LIKE WOW. It is incredible, everything in there was used in the actual movies but not only that, the extent of work that is put into the movies is amazing. I saw the model of Hogwarts and the green screens - don't get me wrong it was so cool to see but I kind of liked not knowing how it was all put together. Does that make sense? Like I enjoyed being in the dark about how it was created because it was just so magical! Yesterday evening I finally got around to watching the final two Harry Potter movies - only about ten years late but I managed to avoid some spoilers - literally no idea how!

So thanks Uncle Horace for entertaining me trying to guess everything that was going to happen and putting up with my fan girling at seeing the props that were in the movies. The only situation I can liken it to is when I met Simon Cowell at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Cardiff, I went there with a few friends and no I wasn't auditioning - that was the X-Factor! - basically what happened is Simon was fashionably late (as per) and as we were the afternoon audience we were asked to wait at the barriers as Simon walked down. So, he came to me and I asked for an autograph - obviously! I completely forgot my name! No word of a lie I was so in awe of him, and he is one of my weird man crushes!! So he just signed my piece of paper without my name. He continued on his journey down the barriers and I was weirdly staring at him, like looking back he must've been proper creeped out by me! Anyway.... about three people later I just shouted "MEGAN, MY NAME IS MEGAAANN!!!"

MORTIFIED does not even begin to cover that one!

Basically, Harry Potter World was amazing. End. Of. Story. Anyone who tries to tell me different, like just don't. You'd be wasting your breath and to anyone who doesn't like Harry Potter - or Simon Cowell for that matter! Sort your life out! Thank you!

Update on Aurora - she is still a sh*t.... she still cocks her leg like a dog when she wees on my carpet and she still hasn't done a wee in the potty or on the toilet. She does however have an obsession with ice lollies, and cricket can now be added to her list of hobbies, as well as shouting "woo ha" whenever she throws a ball in the air and don’t forget sh*tting down slides. You know - the usual. But you know what. She is a happy little baby and we have fun sooooo I have come to the conclusion that all this is a small price to pay for a toilet trained child and I know it will happen eventually... but for now I will leave you with the best video of the last two weeks and one that I just cannot stop watching!

Many thanks, sincerely


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