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I have about as much luck with pushchairs as I did with cars

This week marked the arrival of Aurora's sixth pushchair.....

Now I know the saying goes, a workman should never blame their tools... but I truly believe this is a fact, in my case!

I have now had so many pushchairs that I no longer need the instructions to put one together out of the box no matter what the make or model!I mean if that isn't an accomplishment then honestly, I don't know what life is even about anymore!

So, those of you know know me, know that I have been in more than my fair share of car crashes. To be honest for everyone else on the road it is probably a good thing I am not. For me however it is a massive ball ache (for want of a better phrase!)

My bad luck with cars started on a stupid roundabout! That one wasn't my fault and the car could be fixed but I cried for days. I honestly believed that the world had ended when I crashed that car. The second one, I wasn't so lucky. The car was a right off... apparently it was my fault but I am not so sure... a lorry pulled out of the car in front of me without any warning and I went up the back of his car... now I am aware that it is your fault when you go into someone... but this wasn't my fault!!

This is very similar to the first pushchair, jokes, that one I borrowed so I gave it back! The second pushchair, was actually lovely, really easy to move and it was a good height... but where I have to walk everywhere and use it daily... the wheels wore down within a year and it just made it really difficult to operate. So then I decided to get a new red one, loved that pushchair but in December last year it developed a squeak and honestly... it was the most annoying noise in the whole world, not only that but I have a bad hand and honestly it was so difficult to push so I invested in another one.... last month (this was the fourth!)

My third car crash I was driving back from work and it was a really windy day, I was driving a long and I managed to avoid the log in the road - got to love back roads! In doing this my car slipped on some wet leaves and rolled into a ditch. This has to be my most impressive car crash - if car crashes can be... because the car rolled until the drivers side was on the floor so I had to stand on the drivers window and break the rest of the passenger window so I could see... the fire brigade was called, the police and ambulance also. It was all a bit of a palaver to be honest! I came out unscathed. Not a scratch or bruise on me anywhere... how that happened I honestly do not know or understand, but I am grateful! My fourth car crash was so annoying! Honestly the worst.... a lorry (always a bloody lorry!) was overtaking another lorry on the A40 as I was on my way to Oxford for work and I tried to move over onto the grassy bit because clearly he was an imbecile... he nicked the front side of my car and pushed me off the road, I then skid into a sign and he got out of his cabin and checked his lorry and the got back in and drove off before I could get to him... THAT is the most frustrating moment of my life! (Okay maybe a little dramatic but it was insanely annoying!)

Back to the pushchair... so we are on the fourth... it was an investment this one... it was sturdy.. big wheels, had cup holders for both Aurora and myself (very American!) I loved it! Only problem was it was a little low so my back hurt a little but, you know, one powers through! Anyway, I was walking to Sainsbury's earlier this week and the handles just snapped! No warning, there was nothing wrong with it when we left my flat, nothing.... they just snapped! So anyway... the fifth pushchair was a present from my best friends mum - thanks second fam! It's awesome... tall enough for me, lightweight, Rory likes to push her dolly's in it (that's right... we take a minimum of three dolly's with us every time - I'm actually more worried about losing them that my own child!) I was however, really annoyed with my other one and why it just snapped so I rang and got a replacement sent, you know as one does! So that was delivered yesterday and that is the sixth pushchair!

Don't fear, I already have my seventh and eighth in mind! I have come to the conclusion that the money I am saving up to get a car will be more likely being used for a new pushchair in a couple of months!

So there we have it... Megan and transport - not a good mix!

But hey... at the time it's the end of the world and then you realise when it comes down to it, material things aren't the most important in life. It's the people in your life that make it what it is!

Many thanks, Sincerely (credit to Mary Poppins Returns - my new favourite movie!)

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