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Her attitude is savage but her heart is gold

Hi everyone,

So, I have a mild obsession with Taylor Swift.... other of my obsessions include, Ewan McGregor, Jason Momoa, Batman - but the Christian Bale Batman, not feeling Ben Affleck (as Batman) and definitely not a fan of Robert Pattinson, finally I would like to add cheesecake to this list. It is just one of those foods that no matter what your mood it never fails you. For example - oh I am feeling crap - cheesecake, let’s celebrate - cheesecake, I fancy a little snack but nothing too heavy - cheesecake. Works on so many levels.

But back to Tay Tay. I love the fact she writes her own music, and she writes and says what she thinks, she doesn't shy away from anything. However, something this week has occurred to me. I am still living in her "Reputation" phase. Like bring me the snakes and those savage vibes please, that is what I am feeling right now. So it has come to light - in my brain only - that although I am buzzing for the new album, I am not in her "it's all rainbows and butterflies and pastel colours" phase as of yet! I mean, I am happy for her, that she got to say everything she wanted through the "Reputation" album but Taylor, I am stuck there! I appreciate that this post probably makes no sense whatsoever, I just feel like I have to get this off my chest. Like I would love to be all rainbows and butterflies, but reality is just not complying with me!

Just one example of where pastel colours and overly happy fake smiley vibes isn't where I am is potty training, it is still awful, although I managed to get her to sit on the potty. I thought maybe bringing out the new Taylor album would help my mindset when it comes to my attitude and commitment to the whole potty-training experience. Nope. It is false. Nothing makes potty training any easier or any more understandable. I mean do not get me wrong the fact she sits on the potty now is a big bonus and there is no more screaming - I mean she has blown one of my ear drums so who knows, maybe there is!

You know what does help. Milkshake. Nesquik and vodka, Nesquik and baileys I mean really... the options are endless. After a while you forget all about the smell of wee in the living room and the stains on the floor. Works wonders. I am kidding - kind of - however I will say, when using 1001 (other carpet cleaners available), to get stains out of the carpet don't be a fool and spray too much. I now have dots of real clean carpet up my stairs and all over the living room so now it is just getting to the point where I am asking Aurora politely to move to the left slightly so I can then clean that spot instead of making the already clean carpet stand out even more. I am telling you - between Taylor's ditsy fairy vibes and my snakey reputation vibes there is a whole lot of "I don't know what is happening" vibes going on at my place!

Aside from my questionable taste in music that I have been battling with this week, I have been thinking of things to do with Aurora that cost nothing. So we made biscuits. Okay, I say biscuits, I didn't have enough flour to make a proper dough so it is a biscuit and it is currently stuck to the baking tray, which actually isn't a baking tray at all, because I don't own one, it is what I like to call my cheesecake holder. Finished my cheesecake last night - honestly saddest moment of my life. Anyway back to the biscuit. It is stuck because I don't have any grease proof paper. Despite buttering the cheesecake holder the giant biscuit still appears to be stuck. So I will have some wine then figure that out! Although I am not even sure Rory cares about this biscuit because she got bored when I told her there was no more mixing to do. She doesn't like her hands being dirty so while I rubbed the ingredients together with my freshly washed hands, she stuck her fingertip in and said - "um, okay, Mummy clean up." That was that, no more baking for Rory.

I apologise for the randomness of this post; I can assure I have not had a drink - yet. However, this is a true insight into how my brain works, so welcome to my world! Quite literally! Also to Taylor Swift, if ever you read this which I am not expecting in the slightest and am aware that this idea is a real long shot. I love you. I am in no way dissing your new album, the fact is I love it. I just think savage vibes is where I am at in my life right now. I hope to join you with fluffy pink vibes soon! Also, just one last thing. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate “Shake It Off”! Like that is my absolute jam and the one song that will never ever in my eyes get old. Taylor you are an absolute QUEEN! Take me back to the reputation tour please!

Many thanks, Sincerely


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