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Girls just wanna have sun 🌻

Hi everyone,

Hasn't this weather been bangin'! It is so good I can do two loads of laundry A DAY and have it all dry by the end of the day! I don't need to have my clothes airer out because I can dry everything outside and my flat is kept so clean because Aurora and I have been spending most of our time outside! You know, it is the small things in life, but I am easily pleased! So the reason I haven't been posting is because I have been umming and ahhing about a topic that I would really like to share with you. It was National PTSD awareness day last Thursday and I will be sharing my experience of it with you. Albeit a week later than the awareness day but the issue is still very real, and I just think if my experience can help just one person then I think it is the right thing for me to share with you and I am finally ready to do so... so watch this space! For now, here is a run-down of my week!

This past week we have actually been very, very busy. We had a lovely weekend with Aunty Teddie and Grandpa! Two amazing BBQs, a paddling pool and a couple of water pistols as well as copious amounts of gin (not for Aurora - she had juice!!) A while ago I actually had my first real bad hangover, so I have been really dubious (good word) about drinking gin recently but never fear, everything was fine the next morning... so Plymouth Gin, we are friends again!

I have read two books - one morning Aurora had me up at 4am, so I took it upon myself to start a book and five hours later it was finished! It was a really good book actually called "The Tattooist of Auschwitz" would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes war stories, there was also a love story in there as well so, of course, I was in tears by the end! Aurora has started this new thing now where if she sees me cry - seems to be at everything at the moment - she will cry with me! I mean do not get me wrong it is hilarious but so strange and unexpected!

I took Aurora swimming with Aunty G as well last week. It was the first time I had taken her in about eight or nine months I reckon. Only because it is a looooooong walk, and not really one you want to do when it is raining with a child who has just been swimming. But the weather has been so lovely, so we decided to check out the new splash zone at the pool. Aurora loves the bath so I didn't think it would be a massive issue of confidence for her once she got in the water, but I kid you not... she was off, like lightening, as soon as she saw the water! It was so wonderful to see, there was a waterslide (only a little one!) and there were watering cans and water falling from pipes from above - intentionally! - and she just loved it! Then we took her in the parent - child pool and getting her to kick her legs was a right trauma! I dunked her - you know because I am a horrible person! Then to my surprise she dunked me too! Was very cute, aside from the fact I had washed my hair that morning! Getting out of the pool, bearing in mind we were in there for around 45 minutes, was a nightmare! Tantrums galore! The tantrum aside she loved it and so did G and I and it was just a lovely afternoon. Definitely one to be doing again!

I also decorated my room. Now, this is something I have been thinking of doing for a while right but quite honestly I just haven't had the balls to do it because I didn't want to mess it up. So one morning last week I was like you know what Meg, you can do this.... so I did. Fun story! No, so my walls used to be a magnolia colour. Now however, they are mostly grey with a banner of purple at the top. It is a good job I am tall; taping is a nightmare, especially on the ceiling and trying to get the divide between the two colours straight! Actually though, I believe I did a really good job with the straightness! I mean my friend has OCD and he didn't say anything, so I am going to go with I achieved what I set out to! Also, it turns out you have to wait for the paint to dry before you see the real colour. So, there I was stressing out about the fact I have a dark purple banner (no problems there, that's the colour I was expecting!) The colour of the other tin, "Chic Shadow", one of the many shades of grey - fifty if you will! - was looking a little lilac. I was stressing out! But low and behold a wise man came to ease my worry and told me to wait until it was dry, and he was correct. So basically, long story short and probably could have started with this, I am really proud of my new room and now I am looking for the next thing to do around the flat. Which is going to be Aurora's room but I have enlisted the help of Aunty G for that one!

Oh also, in other news - I have a toaster! Thank you Jamie!! So basically this is actually pretty big news in my life - I know, I have such an exciting life! I moved into this flat two years ago now and ever since I moved in I have been grilling bread in order to toast it for Aurora each morning... the most arduous task at 6am. Not only that but I have also grown to love poached eggs on toast recently and as you can imagine by the time I get round to my dinner it is pretty late and the last thing I want to be doing is standing by the grill making sure I don't miss that five second window in which to turn my piece of bread over. Basically, it was a lot of effort for a piece of toast! Moreover, getting a toaster was a milestone in my adult life and I am thrilled!

Just one last thing! COME ON FEDERER! Bloody love Wimbledon!!

Here is a picture of Rory, who decided to dress herself the other day and opted for wellies, then continued to complain about being "too hot".

Many thanks, sincerely

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