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Friendship - Although I am not always with you, I am always there for you

Friendship is a funny thing, I have found over my many years (hahaha) that someone can come into your life and you can be friends with them for such a small amount of time and they can make such an impact - either positive or negative. Yet others come into your life and they are there forever... you may have your ups and downs along the way but at the end of the day you know that that one person will be in your life, no matter what the capacity, forever.

I don't have a "friendship circle" per se... don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to say "I'm going shopping with the girls" and everyone to know who I am talking about... but I just don't have that. I have many friends (because I am just so popular...JOKES!!) but not really a "group" of friends. And I love that. I have an array of people around me who love and care about me and whom I love and care about. If all these people were to get together it would be great but I also have the option to chill with one of them at a time and not bother about a group.

All these people in my life that I consider a friend are so, so different; there are some that I speak to every day; some that I see every week; some that I don't speak to for six months to a year and whenever we talk it's like nothing ever happened; some may block me for two and a half years and then message me out of the blue and it is like we saw each other yesterday; some that I see once a year or once every couple of years and some that I just know that no matter how much time has passed they will drop everything and be there in my hour of need.

All the people above, and you know who you are, you are the most important people in my life. You have been there for me from school, from meeting through mutual friends or you're family and you guys are FREAKIN' AWESOME, the lot of you.... honestly I don't know what I would do without you and thank you so, so much for being there for me.

I could not have come through everything I have come through without you. I couldn't have become the person that I am today without the support and the love of you all.

The friendship of these people to me and my wellbeing are so important, every single one of my friends have the ability to pick me up when I am low, slap me (sometimes literally) if I am wrong or being silly (happens a lot... trust me!) and on more than one occasion have all been there as a shoulder for me to cry on. I mean, I am not ordinarily a soppy person, and I am more often than not, doing the slapping, or being that shoulder but friendship goes both ways.

Many of my closest school friends, I am no longer friends with, we have gone our separate ways or just fell out of touch.... you know, these things happen. I would just like to say that you may have only been in my life for a short amount of time, and we are watching each other on social media today but we had such awesome times together. I am terrible at messaging back.. so if I accidentally ghosted you then I AM SO, SO SORRY!! It has been known to happen. It is amazing that even though you were in my life for just a few years you had such a big impact and I made a lot of memories with you!

To all those of you who I don't talk to as much as I would like

- I apologise and miss you

To those of you who I was close to and for whatever reason we are not anymore

- I am sorry

To those of you who have seen me at my lowest and will be seeing me at my highest

- I love you and thank you

To those of you who I wouldn't be without

- Thank you, I mean I guess you lot can stick around!

One thing that I want everyone who reads this to understand is I am there for each and every one of you. Whatever you need. If I haven't spoken to you in ten years, six years, two years, six months, an hour, or even a minute.

If you need me, I am there - I mean as long as I don't have to drive anywhere, like you may need to come to me!

Thank you everyone - every single person, good and bad - YOU have made me who I am today and that is a person I am very proud to be.

Many thanks, sincerely

PS. I bought a new hairbrush last week - found my old hairbrush on Tuesday evening underneath the bl**dy sofa!!! I MOVED THE SOFA AND IT WASN'T THERE!!!

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