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Find the positives among the negatives

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Hi Everyone!!

Was nearly going to write, "I hope you are well?" then! Wow so this blog post was going to be proper formal! I have been working on my assignment this week, that is why I am in formal writing mode. After spending the last week figuring out the question it turns out I just needed to say the question aloud to Jess Honer, (there you go Jai Jai, you finally got your mention!!) So yeah, I am writing my assignment and for those of you whom I haven't stopped banging on about it I am so sorry!! I promise I am so nearly done, well.... I am nearly at a point where I am nearly done!

So this week, Aurora and I have been poorly.... it was actually really cute in a really non cute way! So the other evening, my little monkey was sick, and she came to find me in my room and no word of a lie she says, "Oh no, Mummy look, Rory messy. Sofa messy, sorry Mummy" I looked at her and honestly her little sorry face. Nearly broke me! So anyway we cleaned up and got into bed and watched Frozen... next morning, I wake up and I can't talk! You literally couldn't make my life up! So I am there trying to do my assignment, (I know, I haven't mentioned that enough yet have I!!) Aurora is back in that bloody cupboard, but I can't shout at her to get her to stop so I am improvising and shaking my hand in her face and whispering NO! Honestly, she is standing there looking at me and laughing! Cheeky!! There was nothing I could do except laugh with her.... the outcome was she didn't touch that cupboard for the rest of the day!

Now question... does anyone else just drink cough medicine straight out of the bottle? Also has anyone finished a whole bottle in a day and still not felt any better! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.... this was me. Despite multiple people telling me to measure the medicine and stop drinking it like water... I did and though I don't condone this sort of behaviour, I am still here folks! You are welcome!

What else have we done this week... ooo we had Aurora's two-year review... she aced it. She's an over achiever - I would say like mother, like daughter but with recent events and the way my assignment 😉 is going I don't think that would be an accurate representation! So yeah, she was - well is - awesome! We also found a nursery, and she had a lovely chat with the nursery staff and made sure it was clear that I was her Mummy.

Right, so, she has just started doing this thing where whomever I talk to, she will look at them, point at me and say, "That's Mummy" or, "my Mummy". Literally she says it as though I have been training her to say it, so it doesn't look like I have just kidnapped her. Then I make it clear that she is mine and then I look even more guilty - this week has just been a fun filled week of face palm moments! I got some new lipstick though, which I LOVE - please see below!

Oh, I have also started a 30-day yoga challenge.... not really sure why, I just kind of woke up Wednesday morning and thought... I have absolutely no time to myself where I am not staring at a screen (doing my assignment😉) or watching television - for example I have watched eleven seasons of Big Bang Theory in just over a week... or I am with Aurora so I thought yoga, I can do from home, there are YouTube videos and actually I started last night and I really enjoyed it! I am not flexible at all, and I have to manipulate some moves so I don't hurt my wrist, but I will definitely be carrying on with it! I am actually hoping that it will strength my body and sort my sleeping out so stay tuned for a calmer, stronger, more grounded Megan!

I also wrote a picture book this week, you know for my assignment 😉. I am actually really proud of it! It is about the months of the year and under each month there is a cute little rhyme... with my blog and writing career Rory and I will be set for life! If any of you want to read it, I shall attach the link below!

I have made a guest login - username - picturebook12 and password - megan1 - let me know what you think!

So that was my week, I can only hope the next few days of it are half as fun as that! Check back in on Monday for more!

Many thanks, sincerely - yes Rory and I are still obsessed with Mary (HAPPPPPPYYYY) Poppins Returns!

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