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Don't look back - you're not going that way

Hi everyone,

So, not going to lie, I had a bit of a rocky week last week. As I was getting next to no sleep whatsoever. I was so moody and overly emotional. I mean don't get me wrong, I am always sarcastic, and I do love a good cry, but last week was just something else! It just seemed that everything was getting to me. I mean some for good reason for sure, it's not like I was making mountains out of molehills or anything! I found myself getting teary over the stupidest of things like my little brother Harry doing a sky dive and Aurora telling me she loves me so much... like she does that all the time! Why was I crying over it! But the sleepless nights have gotten better, finally there is light at the end of a long and very dark tunnel!

I am waiting in anticipation for the next joyous phase!

When we weren't getting on, Aurora and myself, I got to thinking about our compatibility - more specifically our star sign compatibility - I am a Scorpio and Aurora is an Aries. I did some research and everywhere I looked said that there would be an explosion. It is a very passionate relationship and we both test each other’s patience. Now; I have never been a strong believer or even thought about my star sign says about me. Like I said before, it is what it is, and I will deal with whatever is thrown at me, but this star sign thing has really thrown me! Especially in the last couple of weeks, we have clashed more than usual. I mean this is all situational - obviously - but interesting nonetheless!

In other news, I’m learning how to sell stuff on eBay, you know old clothes, toys, children I no longer want the usual stuff! Hopefully this will bring me ALLL the monies! I have so much storage space in my flat right, like I could make a room out of one of the cupboards, as long as you don't mind living like Harry Potter in the cupboard under the stairs! So anyway, I still have clothes in there from when Aurora was tiny - her leg wouldn't even fit into it anymore. I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away... so the whole cupboard is filled with bin bags of tiny clothes and shoes and even more will be making its way in there later today when I sort out her drawers and clean out all the clothes that don't fit her! (Hit me up if you want anything, those of you with little girls - or boys, there are some boys pjs in there!) Just figured it would give me something to do over the summer and make more room for even more of Rory's toys and clothes!

Nearly forgot, Aurora did the funniest thing the other evening with Ralph, so for Ralph's last night with us, we all had a sleepover in my bed. At some point in the middle of the night the pair of them got up and had a midnight feast - with my lack of sleep that week I was passed out! Literally nothing was waking me up! So Aurora and Ralph made there way into the kitchen and had themselves a midnight feast. Ralph had eaten his food that he hadn't eaten the night before - his food! Rory got all of her plates out and forks and lined them up - I can only assume for all her imaginary friends - then had managed to get the cheesecake out of the fridge and helped her self to it, before putting it back in the fridge with her fork stuck in it! Honestly when we all woke up the next morning I couldn't even be angry about the fact most of her snacks had gone and there was crumbs in my bed and chocolate all over the covers! It was the funniest thing that she has ever done! And bless Ralph!

Today is a PJ day, I am writing this with a face mask on and Rory is watching Cars - the Disney movie - not just random cars! It is the fourth time we have watched it this morning - I even suggested Frozen, Moana and I would even allow Cars 2 at this point, but no - Cars it is! Still I would take this over Peppa Pig any day of the week! Had to give Ralph back last weekend - yet another thing that brought a tear to my eye! So I am keeping myself busy and my flat will be sparkling clean by the end of the day and then we have a busy week ahead!

All in all, last week was pretty good, highs and lows for sure, but onto this week and I am feeling positive! After all, how can you move forward if you are always looking back.

Many thanks, sincerely

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